On-Site Fueling & Wet Hosing

Our On-Site Fleet Fueling Can:

Increase your fleet’s efficiency
Turn time spent refueling into productive, profit generating, on the job time
Eliminate drive time to refueling sites or truck stops
No more waiting in line at the pumps
Fleet equipment starts everyday ready to go
Full utilization of driver’s hours of service

Why On-Site Fueling Makes Sense:

Chief Petroleum’s On-Site Fueling Service will help you realize an increase in fleet efficiency, productivity and bottom line profits by eliminating non-productive labor and equipment operating time.

Chief Petroleum’s On-Site Fueling crew will refuel your fleet or equipment during your off-duty hours. When your drivers and operators report for work at the beginning of a shift the vehicles are ready to go. Unproductive time spent traveling to the fueling site and waiting in line at the fuel pump is eliminated and converted to productive profit generating time on the job. Time is money.

In addition to the savings realized by increased efficiency and productivity the need for expensive storage tanks and dispensing equipment is eliminated freeing valuable business capitol. Your only fuel inventory investment is in the fuel tanks of your fleet. Fuel shrinkage and misuse of company credit cards is eliminated.

To assist you in your record keeping and cost analysis Chief Petroleum will provide you with an easy to read delivery receipt each time we refuel your fleet. The delivery receipt will show the date and time of delivery, your vehicle identification number and the gallons delivered into each vehicle.

Energy Management Solutions

As the local and world fuel markets have changed, so have Chief’s products and services. Chief offers much more than fuel or lubricants, we offer energy management solutions. Whether you have a fleet of 4 vehicles or a multi-million transportation budget, your fuel and lubricant costs are expensive and inconsistent. We offer a variety of solutions to help control and manage these expenses.


Looking to start saving money on fuel at the pump? Apply for a Chief Petroleum Fuel Card today! With five cardlock stations located around Colorado Springs; saving money at the pump couldn’t be easier or smarter.

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